With the increasing use of tablets and other mobile devices in field and based on the feedback from our customers as well as our own extensive research iDRAWPRO.com has developed and introduced color enhanced shop drawings for mobile use.

Efficiency through innovation

Our research and development team has been working hard to analyze feedback data from our customers regarding our services. Among the usual data we collect like the user experience while ordering, the accuracy of the shop drawings we also gather data considering the hands-on experience in field. We have observed that tablets and smartphones are used more frequently than large-format prints to view our shop drawings. As we had learnt from the feedback data, this new approach has both advantages as well as new challenges.

Sample mobile friendly color enhanced Millwork shop drawings by iDRAWPRO.com.

The advantages

The main advantage of displaying drawings on tablets and other mobile devices is the ease of access to the latest versions or updates. The most recent drawings may be instantly accessible with any mobile device, whether they are stored on company servers or on widely used construction management software. Additionally, using digital devices minimizes the need for large format prints, which benefits the environment.

Sample mobile friendly color enhanced Millwork shop drawings by iDRAWPRO.com.

The challenges

Drawings displayed on mobile devices typically have a small display area due to the screen size limitations. As a result, the drawings must be zoomed in to the specific area to see all the details. This problem can occasionally cause confusion and mistakes when accurately understanding the design intent.

To eliminate the above problems iDRAWPRO.com has developed mobile-specific version of shop drawings that makes it easier to distinguish certain lines and, as a result, reduces confusion and reading mistakes.

The results

Countless hours spent on drafting allow us to quickly adopt new trends. We are constantly researching new ways of helping our customers build better, smarter, more efficient, without errors or rework costs. That progress together with the experience and expertise makes iDRAWPRO.com the destination where best is expected.


IDRAWPRO.COM is a trusted place for quick and easy ordering of shop drawings, drafting services and anything in-between.

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