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At iDRAW, we believe in progress, value trust, and stand for quality. We go beyond the effort boundaries to reach the goals. We partner with our customers to do the amazing things of building better, smarter, and more efficient. We provide a clear blueprint for achieving your objectives and completing your project successfully.


We believe in progress

We use the leading software and latest technology to deliver our work and to guarantee our customers build efficiently without rework costs.



Providing steel erection and fabrication drawings to build a trench system with an interactive virtual reality software that accurately reflects project blueprints. All steel members and connections, including dimensions and sizes, are presented exactly as they will appear in reality after the input of data from project drawings and specifications.

We value the trust

Teaming up with the leading GC to complete the multi million public waterfront project without problems.



Providing shop drawings for the installation of wood decking and cladding, including cladding on stairs and a sitting area (over a steel frame). Shop drawings preparation required very precise coordination of different trades, including concrete and structural steel work.

We stand for quality

Delivering the highest quality shop drawings services for the most demanding customers on the billionaire's row.



Providings shop drawings for floor and wall tile installation on the multi-million, large construction projects.

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